Shakespeare Ensemble

The MIT Shakespeare Ensemble is a fun-loving and self-sustaining community dedicated to bringing works of Shakespeare and other playwrights to life. We share a common interest in the idea of the theater ensemble: a group of people who work together on a long-term basis to produce shows. Everyone is welcome to come learn and explore with us, from first time techies to experienced actors.

The Ensemble performs four shows every year: a main-stage show each semester and smaller shows in IAP and the summer. Our main-stage shows are usually a Shakespearean play, and are directed by a hired professional director. The IAP and summer shows are usually student-directed, and we often branch out to other playwrights. In addition to this, we put on Scene Nights and 24 hour shows (during which we write and rehearse a show all within 24 hours!) throughout the year. Everything from acting to tech is entirely student-run, creating an excellent atmosphere in which to try your hand at new skills.

Learn more about the Ensemble at ensemble.mit.edu, or by emailing ensemble-request@mit.edu.