Roadkill Buffet

Hey there! We are Roadkill Buffet, MIT's premiere improv comedy troupe! We are a bunch of wacky, crazy, and exciting people who love to laugh and make you laugh! From musical improv to short form high energy games to long form character development to one liners, RKB explores all forms of improv comedy. We have six to seven shows per year to audiences all over campus and participate in one intercollegiate competition at Improv Boston. In contrast to other theatre groups, we have one 3 hour practice per week for the duration of the school year. RKB is all about having fun while exploring the art of comedy. And best of all, we want YOU to be a part of Roadkill Buffet, even if you have never had an improv experience before.

If you want to be a member of Roadkill Buffet, auditions are September 4 at 7pm (meet us in Lobby 7 at 6:45pm).

And no... we do not eat roadkill.

Email: rkb@mit.edu