Experimental Theater Company

The Experimental Theater Company is MIT's newest theater group. Our goal is to create a collaborative space for artists of many different disciplines to design, experiment, and innovate while creating unique performance pieces. We are looking for artists of all kinds: acting, painting, singing, writing, photography, visual arts, sound, lights, really whatever you can think of.

In our first year, we did two large productions. One called Now Then Again about quantum mechanics and romance. And another called Confusions - a series of five one-act plays - about relationships. In our second year, we will focus more on doing staged readings of student-written pieces, smaller (maybe one-act) productions of outside authors, and cultivating artists on campus to think outside of the traditional theater bubble.

If you have any questions, please e-mail etc-exec@mit.edu to find out more.

Website: http://etc.scripts.mit.edu