Dramashop is a student-run theater group that works alongside the MIT Theatre Arts faculty, staff, and guest artists. As a co-curricular organization, Dramashop mounts at least two credit-bearing productions each year (which means it can count toward graduation!). Also, this great opportunity to work closely alongside accomplished directors and production staff means you are able to learn much more from being part of one show than in the classroom. Historically, our two mainstage productions occur over IAP (Independent Activities Period in January) and in the spring term, but some years, our IAP production is mounted in the fall instead. Besides our mainstage productions, Dramashop produces a festival of student-directed one-act plays.

No experience is required to participate in any of the Dramashop productions! We typically hold auditions for actors at the beginning of the semesters for fall and spring productions, and at the end of the fall semester for IAP productions. Students interested in joining as a designer or as part of the production staff are also welcome and can contact the Dramashop officers at ds_officers@mit.edu.

Time commitment is flexible, as long as you are upfront about it, as we schedule rehearsals around your classes and other activities as best as possible. You usually need to rehearse only scenes you are in. The average time commitment is around 6 hours per week. The exception is Tech Week, the week before opening night where all cast must be present for complete run-throughs and lighting adjustments. You are allowed to bring homework to this though!

For more information about Dramashop or if you have any questions, please contact the Dramashop officers at ds_officers@mit.edu! To summarize, we put on main shows as well as smaller, one-act plays.

Looking forward to meeting all of you interested in experiencing and being part of the Theater community at MIT :-) No experience required.