About Student Theater at MIT

Most of the theater groups featured on this site are extra-curricular. Many of these groups are run entirely by students, with students leading both the acting and technical sides. In all of these groups, there are many opportunities to try your hand at something new and learn more about how to make a successful theatrical production.

Collaboration between the theater groups is not uncommon. Behind the scenes, groups will lend costumes and give each other tips on how to build particularly tricky set pieces. On stage, there might be a joint Scene Night hosted by two groups, and actors will often try acting in the plays produced by many different groups. Several students are involved in more than one theater group.

In addition to these extra-curricular activities, the Department of Music and Theater Arts offers a wide selection of excellent theater classes. Many students involved in theater groups are pursuing concentrations, minors, and majors in Theater Arts, and they take those classes to learn a different perspective on theater from professors who have been doing it for years.

Theater is an excellent way to build confidence, build a supportive network of friends, and have fun in between classes and problem sets. We hope you try it out and join us sometime!